Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coin Wars, Nothing But Coin Wars, All Of The Time...

Good day to you!

Today was a pretty fair day. We had a squashed schedule because of a speech contest in the afternoon, so I had to adjust a little for that, but it wasn’t too bad.

I got into school early this morning because I volunteered to help with Math Counts. It will be every Tuesday and Thursday morning before school starts. This morning, we only had one student come, but I think that may be from a lack of advertising. And it was ended a little abruptly as the one student who was there was sick and went back home. So it was an interesting start to the day.

Homeroom was annoying because this week we have a Coin War going on. Students bring in change to raise money to bring in new technology into the school. And there’s a whole competition with it. Well, each class gets 3 minutes to get their change and distribute it the way they want to, while music is played over the PA system. That’s what is really annoying because it’s hard to help students that are coming in for help. So homeroom was basically lost to me.

For classes, I gave the students some review notes on the commonly missed topics on the pre-algebra test. When the students were done taking down the notes, I passed them back their tests so they could make corrections for half credit back. But since all the classes were shortened, I will need to find more time for the students to be able to finish making their corrections. Because I don’t have enough things to get done with the students, we’ll just add this to the list.

After lunch we went down to the theater for the speech competition, which was interesting. Students had been working on memorizing and reciting speeches and they had to give them in front of the entire team. Most of them were okay, since most middle school students are too nervous to do a really good job. However, a few really stood out and one nearly made me need to leave the room because I was about to burst out in laughter.

On another note, I’ve found a job opening in a school district that’s about an hour away from where I am now. Asking around, I hear that it can be a fairly nice district. It’s hard to find jobs in the district because the turnover rate is very low. So, I will be putting in an application there! Hopefully all will be well!

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