Saturday, August 21, 2010

The First Week!


As of right now, I have finished off my first three days of student teaching. But first, a small introduction to the blog! I will be keeping everything anonymous so I don't get sued or anything! So, all I can tell you about where I am is that I'm down in the South. This is something different for me, as I was born and raised in the North. Here is where much of the hilarity of the blog should ensue!

Well, on to it! I arrived just over a week ago and moved into my new apartment. After setting everything up, we had a meeting with our supervisor on Monday. We basically introduced ourselves, and she told us some things that we can expect this semester and about living in the South in general. We also met a teacher from the school we are teaching in who went to our college.

Wednesday was our first day in the school. No students were there yet, as the first week here are work days for teachers to get their rooms in order and such. I met my co-operating teacher, and she is fantastic. She is every bit as sarcastic as I am. She has been teacher for over 10 years and I am her first student teacher.

Me and my roommate are both in the same school and our co-op's families are best friends, so that's pretty cool, as we have a bigger support system! On Wednesday, I got a tour of the school and learn a bunch of the teacher's names that I don't stand a chance of remembering for a while. I also took on my first duty of creating and putting up bulletin boards (thank you Residence Life).

On Thursday, I met the principal for the first time, who seems to be very nice. I continued my work on some bulletin boards and helping my co-op around the room. We also had a meeting with the other 7th grade math teachers (probably should have mentioned I'm in a 7th grade math room) so we could plan out the semester and what order we were going to teach in.

Yesterday was devoted to a faculty meeting. Yes, the dreaded faculty meeting. However, it was not as bad as I would have thought. My co-op later told me that the meeting was much less doom and gloom than it usually is, which could have been it. But after three years of Res Life training, I think long boring meetings are easy to handle! I did get mad at the janitors/custodial staff (just what are they wanting to be called nowadays?). They decided to paint during the meeting, but didn't put any wet paint signs up outside of our classroom. I leaned on the wall and got paint all up my back. I rushed home to change and put those clothes in the wash and was able to salvage the pants. The polo I was wearing still has lots of paint on it. But I was more worried about the pants anyway!

Last night, my co-op invited my roommate, his co-op and family, and myself to her house for dinner. It was a great time. We were really able to get to know everyone more. It has really made me more excited for the rest of this semester!

Monday will be a half a day of classroom work and then its Open House in the afternoon! Meeting the parents should be an interesting experience!

For now, my dinner is ready! So, until next time!
The Tenderfoot Teacher

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